Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of Summer

I am back from my summer job. I miss it terribly, I met some great people this summer and had such a memorable summer because of them. It was bitter sweet seeing everyone leave, leaving myself, but coming back to the city and having Simon coming home from Oz (which by the way he is).
Now I am in super wedding planning mode 25 days till our wedding and there is so much to do. We did just receive our wedding rings from an amazing seller on Etsy, Sudlow. She makes beautiful stuff and was really easy to work with. We wanted our wedding rings engraved and she was so helpful and sent us photos of them and the engravings before listing them. The rings we picked out were her Silver Oak Wedding Ring Set. They match my engagement ring which Simon also purchase from Sudlow.

Photo by: Sudlow

I also love Sudlow's pea pod necklaces, they are so much fun and I really like their aesthetic. I think they would make great gifts for best friends or moms. I'm highly considering getting pea pod necklaces for both of these people in my life.