Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Handmade News

I was checking the email to day and had an etsy convo, and because I can't wait to check them on etsy I read the email notification. I was super psyched to learn that my Frog and Toad Tote has been featured on Handmade News. There is a write up on the new Generation T book by Megan Nicolay. I have her first one and love it and can't wait to get the second one.

As for the artical it's a write up of green crafts, recycling t-shirts is it's main topic, and it has a great write up of the book. Check out the article on Handmade News.

This totally just made my day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The leafs have just started to turn here in Philly, and there is a glimmer of golden yellow and bursts of orange here and there around the city. Unlike my home town which I'm sure is bursting with color right about now Philly tends to take a little longer ushering in the fall colors and temps. With September coming to a close I am ready for October and the for the fall to finally be here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Madness

I went out for what I thought would be a nice brunch with a friend, but ended up going to Norristown and back on the search for a prop pistol for a show a friend is working on. It was an interesting trip. Once we got to the town we had trouble finding the street. The directions sent us down Chain St to connect with Washington St., but come to find out that chain st was a dead end. We did end up finding Washington only to find out that it ends at a certain point and that the place we were looking for was really on aconnecting street just off of Washington.

This crazy adventure wasn't too crazy, but did make for a fun ride around eastern PA. I though I would spend the day mostly in the apartment designing some knit items, but I just returned home.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to take some pics of the new Cowl I made. I wrote the pattern up, it's simple and I made add an A and B version to the pattern, but it knit up fast and would make a great gift for a birthday or for christmas. It will also be a great pattern for a small amount of luxury yarn as it only takes about 98 yards to knit up.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Steals: Film Noir

Maybe it's the rain, or the fact I wore my gray trench coat for the first time this fall last night, but film noir feels right. With that said today's Theme for Sunday Steals is just that Film Noir. I love the look, the lighting and the mood that this genre implicates.

NEW - Le Fin - silver plated charm NECKLACE

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fiber Friday: Atutumnal Color

My last post was in hope for crisp temps, so this on is in honor of fall foliage. I think fall may be my favorite time of year, the waves at the shore are better than the summer, I can wear me extensive sweater collection and it is the perfect season for backing and drinking apple cider. Being a fall baby I always look forward to the turning of the leaves, it's a sign that i am soon to be a year older, and I love the color it imparts on my birthday. This is why this weeks Fiber Friday is full of autumnal color palates.

Autumnal - 88 yards BFL handspun yarn

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vintage Finds: Hats Off!

The weather here in Philly hasn't been that chilly yet, but I am looking forward to the cool days and crisp nights. One wonderful way to usher in the fall weather than finding a wonderful, fab, hat.

Feathered Hat

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Arr Matey

I just posted a new bag in my etsy shop Check it out!

OOAK Recycled Tee Tote Arr Matey

OOAK Recycled Tee Tote Arr Matey

I'm also working on a new bag shape, I'm thinking a sling bag, or a bucket type bag. I have lots of ideas and just need to sit down with a t-shirt and my sewing machine and see what happens.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm currently working on the Indigo Banded Cardigan from the Fall 09 Knitscene. This issue has some great patterns in it and while i usually design my own I have decided that I need to branch out and try some new construction and learn some new technique instead of doing the tired old top down seamless sweater on circs.

This Cardigan has some simple fair isle in the waits that was easy and looks great knit up. I've done fair isle in the past, but that was a few years ago that I tried my hand at that. This time around I was careful not to pull my floats too tight, so overall i think my tension was better than when i first tried this style of knitting.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Surf Pics

Here are the surf pics that I promised.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Steals

Lately I've started a lot of themed posts and I like the structure they give to my blog. Today I am launching a third themed post.

I love to shop almost as much as I love to knit, so I am starting a Sunday Steals post. Everything I post on Sunday will be $20 or less. Much like Vintage Finds on Thursday there will be certain items I'm looking for or a theme to connect an idea.

For the first Sunday Steals post the theme will be country chic. I just bought a new pair of boots (pictured at left) and I need a few new dresses and accessories to go with them. They are fast becoming my favorite pair of shoes.

cream floral chiffon dress

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fiber Freak Out

I went through my stash of plain old wool today looking for some white worsted for a sweater project. I found what I wanted along with a dead icky moth larva! I freaked and pulled out all the yarn in that container re-twisted all the hanks and shoved it all into the freezer!! I have some vary nice plain old wool that i am not about to give up to a moth infestation.

Simon probably thinks I'm crazy since he had just come back from class when I discovered this horror and was frantically re twisting every hank of wool and then proceeding to fill our freezer with all my yarn.

Tomorrow I will take it out and let it thaw and toss it back in the deep freeze to kill anything that may have hatched.


Fiber Friday

today is friday and I'm a sucker for alliteration so that could only mean fiber! This is going to be a new weekly post for Blue Betty. I had the idea yesterday with all the knitting I thought I should do a post about fiber on Etsy, so here is the first Fiber Friday post.

I decide to look for fun and interesting hand spun.

Kitchen Sink No. 6 26 yards Art Yarn

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vintage Finds: Knitting

The weather has started to cool down and I've picked up my knitting needles to start some Christmas gifts. I love knitting, creating a fabric and garment out of spun wool. One of my favorite Knitters from back in the day was Elizabeth Zimmerman, she was a knitting genus. Today's post is a nod to knitter who came before us.

Vintage 1960's Mary Maxim Graph Style Knitting Pattern