Friday, September 11, 2009


I must admit that I just rolled out of bed. I don't feel too bad about this as it is rainy and cold outside and my bed was dry and warm. That and I don't have to be anywhere till 5pm today. I think it will be a finish up my projects day and watch movies till 4pm when I will finally get dressed and go to work for three hours.

I like this plan even though I just started working at my day job on Tuesday, and feel that I should be slightly more motivated than I am right now. But I have tons of yarn in my apartment that wants to be knit, and i just got new fabric for curtains that i promised Simon I would make last year. I have plenty to do, as well as finish writing up my splish splash pattern for my etsy shop.


Christie Cottage said...

It has rained here more this year than any year I can remember. When I walk in my yard, water is to my ankles.

The weather really does afect us!

Have a wonderful day and stop by my blog if you get a chance!

Kate8085 said...

We all need days like that, I had one last week even though I had a ridiculous amount of things to do. Decompressing is good for all of us!