Wednesday, September 9, 2009

White Wedding

First off I've read "Offbeat Bride" and not only have I read "The Anti Bride Guide" but I own the Anti Bride wedding planner, as well as loving color and deciding on a fall wedding in upstate NY, I feel compelled if by some wedding demon to have a white dress for my wedding day. My mother has already made some comments about my want of wearing white. I find them odd as I'm sure no one who is coming to our wedding is really going to be offended that Simon and I have been "living in sin" for over a year and i am wearing white. So in honor of the white wedding dress I've been scouring Etsy for inspiration and here it is. A white wedding day collection of hand made and vintage dresses.

Bamboo and silk WEDDING DRESS in ivory


Erica said...

These are great! my husband and I got married in vegas, but I really want to plan a wedding "party" sort of thing, and I hope to be making my own dress. I plann on wearing some version of white, despite being hardly verginal, as I was pregnant on my REAL wedding day in vegas.

Christie Cottage said...

Your wedding????
You choose :-)

My pesonal opinion, of course.

They are all great, but the last one is spectacular. It looks champagne on my monitor.

Congratulatioons on your upcoming

demandablog said...

When are you getting married? I'm planning a wedding, too and at first, I pictured a plum colored dress... but then I thought about I won't look bridey and now I'm totally settled on a white dress, too! I never pictured myself wearing white, but now I couldn't do it any other way. These dresses are pretty. :)

BlueBetty said...

The last one I think is my favorite, but I can't decide if I want to make my own dress or not. Simon and I have a year to figure this all out.

Although we have been tempted by Vegas.