Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Handmade News

I was checking the email to day and had an etsy convo, and because I can't wait to check them on etsy I read the email notification. I was super psyched to learn that my Frog and Toad Tote has been featured on Handmade News. There is a write up on the new Generation T book by Megan Nicolay. I have her first one and love it and can't wait to get the second one.

As for the artical it's a write up of green crafts, recycling t-shirts is it's main topic, and it has a great write up of the book. Check out the article on Handmade News.

This totally just made my day!


Cara said...

Congratulations! That is awesome!

Sara Hopp Harper said...

Great news - how exciting! Congratulations :)

5 o'clock crows

Christie Cottage said...


I'll go check it out and give you a thumbs up!

DJ said...

Congrats - that's awesome. Good way to start out the day :)

demandablog said...