Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For Realsies

This long weekend was spent in south jersey much like my summer. The camp I work at had it's 50th year this summer and to celebrate there was a reunion of campers and councilors from past years. Just like after camp Simon and i came home and crashed.

Today has been spent sitting around the apartment watching trashy tv and knitting. I do however have work today at three. It was a nice way to ease back into both my jobs as well as living in philly.

Hopefully Simon and I can fit a few more days of surfing in. The water stays pretty warm into October and the waves are better in the fall. We bought wet suits last fall and are now ready for the off season. Maybe I can convince Simon we should go surfing on Sunday. The shoulder season as they call it seems to be the best conditions for surfing here on the east coast. this also reminds me that I need to start planing my trip to Australia. I will be leaving in February and will be in Oz for about three months. I will miss most off the winter here in Philly which will be nice.

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