Monday, March 30, 2009

Day Off!

Mondays are my day off no matter if I'm at my day job or working on a show. Today I hung out with my friend Antea who took me a cafe in Philly called Ants Pants. I had a wonderful mocha and crossant breakfast sandwich. They make their own chocolate syrup!

The real reason for going is that Ants Pants is a Australian cafe and they have wonderful Aussie items such as Tim Tams and Violet Crumble. You can also sample Vegemite if you dare! This being said My boyfriend Simon is Australian and is always looking out for his favorite Aussie treats, and I am sure he will want to go to this cafe as soon an I mention that they serve Vegemite. I did buy him a Violet Crumble as that is one of his favorite candy bars, a close second after the Cadbury Picnic bar.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Items!!!

Last night I listed new items in my etsy shop and tonight I plan on listing some more new items.
Check it out!

I will also be listing new "one of a kind" items weekly so make sure you check back often.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sorry about the lapse of posts. I've been working on a children's show this past month that has eaten most of my time up, but now that i've settled into a routine of sorts I will be post once again.

Check out my etsy shop tomorrow as I will be listing brand new spring items for the warm weather. My sewing machine has ben getting lost of use as I've been creating new totes and bags whenever I have the free time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day Off Snow Day

Yesterday was my day off and I slept for most of it. I was so tired, I guess that's what happens when you work 9am to 10:30pm and use coffee to keep you going. Simon had a snow day so when I did finallydid wake up we went to breakfast or brunch and spent the day together.

I must admit though I like sitting in the cat walks and watching the show come together, and when I get tired of that I knit. I knit a lot durring techs as I have a lot of time where I'm not needed, but need to be in the cats waiting. The great thing about this, other than it's what I love doing, I have been able to get two hats done and hope to get a third done in the next two days. I also need to go pick up some Banana Silk, today may be the only day I will be able to do that for a the week.

Things are starting to come together, and I've applied for some small shows.

Today I am off to the theatre, the show is absolutly adorable. The costumes are great and the set is really neat. I can't wait to see an audience full of kids see the show.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just so You Know

I started my theatre gig for the spring, which is why there have been no new posts. I've been waking up at the crack of dawn and then I'm off to the theatre, then returning to my home at about 11 at night.

Tomorrow is my day off I will post something, and hopfully with pictures.