Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Computer Troubles

I must apologize for my inattention to my blog lately. I have no good excuse, I have been having some computer issues which i hop have been resolved.

We are back in Philly only for two days then its back to New Jersey for labor day weekend. When will it end. I haven't started working yet at my day job, and I haven't worked on my etsy account in ages. It is time that I do that. I am working on a pattern for my spish splash tam that I hope will soon be up on my site.

I am also looking into buying a spinning wheel the one i like the best for it's compact size and nice price is the Fidelis from fod4him on etsy.

Handmade, Modern, Spinning Wheel - Fidelis (Faithful) by Heavenly Handspinning

I have bought a little joe spindle from this seller and absolutly love it. I like the fact that this seller posts links to a youtube video of their wheels and spindles being used. Check out the Fidelis spinning on Youtube.

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