Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good to Be Back

Simon and I arrived back in the city on Sunday and it feels good to be back in town and in our apartment. We both missed our place a lot.

For the next couple of days Simon is working at school and I'm bumming around the apartment and the city. I still need to finish unpacking, but I figured I'd do it in small chunks. Today i plan on going to the fabric store and the other yarn store. I promised Simon curtains in our place a year ago and got as far as our bedroom. I'm not too fussed, but Simon is concerned about our neighbors seeing me scantly clad (if clad at all).

We are only in Philly till Friday as we are going up to my parents. We haven't seen each other since Christmas, and my mom want to throw us an engagement party. Which I'm fine with, but I must arm myself with my offbeat bride and my antibride guide and be ready for some interesting conversations.

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Kate8085 said...

We bought this house in May of last year, and only have one pair of new curtains up..the rest of the house is yukky blinds that came with it, so don't feel bad.
Just remember to say NO when wedding planning. hahaha.