Sunday, August 2, 2009

Corner of the Web

We are now past our first week of second session and I am finding myself with a little more free time than I had the last four weeks. This is hopfully going to continue as I miss my little corner of the inter web.

In my free time I am currently reading "Offbeat Bride" by Ariel Meadow Stallings, and I love it! Simon and I are hoping to plan our own off beat, personal, DIY wedding. As of right now there are no plans, we are going to enjoy the rest of the summer and then roll up our sleeves and get planning. We are quite content to teach, and Surf on our days off, only talking about our nuptuals in specific generalities. Others are not content to do the same, but they will have to wait.

On Tuesday we are going surfing, I can't wait. For it being summer the waves here on lake Atlantic have been substantial, and Simon hasn't complained once about the shore. Beacuse things have been decent this season the surf beach seems more and more crowded. I am all for learning to surf and beginners getting out their to learn, but if you are a beginner on a 9' Long board taking on that unbroken chest high wave is probably not the best idea. Especially when 4 of you decide to paddle for it. I always worry about beginners on long boards out the back as they never seem to watch what's behind them or infront of them.

Maybe Simon and I should get married on a tandum surf mother would flip!

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Alicia Istanbul said...

I like that last idea of yours. You should totally do that.