Monday, October 26, 2009

Set in Sleaves

I've been slowly and diligently working on the indigo banded cardigan from fall 2009's knitscene and the end is in sight. I am so excited as I love howt the sweater is knitting up and it's roomy so I'll be able to use it as an over-layer for the colder months. What is taking so long is the fact that this sweater has set in sleves. This is only my second attempt at set in sleaves as I usually opt for seamless top down raglans. The first time I set in sleves was on a baby sweater about two years ago. That's right about two years ago and i did not enjoy the experience or the process. Then why in the hell did i decide to make this sweater as the pattern has it, whith set in sleeves. I wasn't thinking, and I think my subcouncious knew I wanted a challenge. This time around I have been having an easier time with it, but sewing in an adult sized set in sleave takes some time. I have one completely done and the goal for today is to finish the second one and have a compleated garment with two sleave a shawl collor and all the tails woven in. Good thing I've already done all that because after these sleaves I might have just abandoned the sweater in all it's unwoven glory.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite a project you have taken on! I usually stick to scarves and knitted hats! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I think Hawaii sounds like a pretty good option! :) Enjoy your time in Australia.