Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Red Kangaroo 1
Red Kangaroo 1

By jellibat

Well it's final, I am going to Australia. I bought my ticket on Monday and had a tiny panic while I was moving the $1500 from my savings to my checking, but I got over it really fast when I thought of how warm it was going to be when I arrive in Sydney. I also got really excited when I thought about how awesome the surfing was going to be compared to here.

I am not looking forward to flying for almost 24 hours...Ok only 20 are spent in the air, there are four of those hours are spent in layovers one in Atlanta and a quick stop in LA. I leave in two months and I feel like I should start packing right now. One of the hardest decisions that I am trying to make is what will I knit while I'm there. I was planing on socks or lace because the weight of the yarn is minimal and the needles are small and easily packed. While I am trying to address this dilema I am also trying to start and finish a few garments before I leave. I feel like I'm missing my winter knitting, because I'm jumping right into summer garments made in cotton, bamboo, silk and linen. I can't justify knitting bulky sweaters right now as I am only here for two more months...granted cold months...but I think I would rather spend the money on some yummy linen right now so I can wear what I make in Sydney.

(The photo I used is by jellibat, who is a crafter from Melbourn check out her shop. I was torn between the roo or the box jelly.)


Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Sooo jealous of your trip - congratulations!

Annette said...

Oh how exciting! You know, the next 2 months will just drag by!

The Hempsphere said...

Yay! That sounds exciting! I wish I was getting on a plane to go to Sydney.. rather than hanging out in the snow. So I too am jealous. =)