Monday, January 28, 2013

Returning to Blogland

Me in Oz over Christmas.
I'm back!
Where have I been you may ask?  Everywhere!
But for real I have been all over the city and half way around the world since I last posted.  I've been working at multiple theatre companies, finished my internship at Theatre Exile, got hired as the assistant production manager at Theatre Exile, got myself a production intern at Plays and Players, opened a few shows, went to Australia for Christmas, met my nieces for the first time, bought a pair of orange skinny jeans, and knitted a new sweater.  Well, that's all the big stuff, so where am I now in my crazy life.  Right where I want to be.   What does that mean for this blog?  A new outlook and a new mission.

The second day of load in for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
 at Plays and PLayers in Philly.
(I built that!) 
Since I stopped kidding myself and got back to the theatre world I've never been busier or more happy with work.  Does that mean this blog will become all about theatre? Nope.  Will my life in the theatre world of Philly be featured here and there on this blog? Yup.  What about knitting and sewing?  I still do those things and will be posting about them from time to time.  Then what will this blog be about?  This blog is going to be about living, working, knitting and sewing in the city of brotherly love.

I took this pic just a few weeks ago.  
The weather was warm enough to trick the cherry trees  into blossoming.
I will still post about sewing and knitting.  I will still have free knitting patterns on the blog from time to time.  I will still post "For the Love of Philly", because I am biased and really love the city I live in.  New posts that you will see around the blog, more photo's of Philly (I have a new fancy phone that takes pretty awesome pics), more posts about what my jobs are in the theatre community, and anything fun I can cook up (a tutorial on making stage blood?)  All I can says is that this will be a new blogging adventure and I am looking forward to it!
Philly's Skyline on a cold crisp winters day. 

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