Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Simon and I went to breakfast at our favorite spot today and our conversation turned to Australia. This happens a lot since Simon is from Oz. We are trying to figure out our trip to Australia. Simon has to leave next January and I have to decide if I'm going over with him or coming a month after and how long am I staying? Not to mention the decision to get a partner visa or not.

The trip is a year away, but there is so much to think about and plan. I can't wait, although a 14 hour plan ride is not the perk of this trip. I have to decide how long I plan on staying and then get a visa or not get a visa. If i stay for 90 days or less I don't need a visa, but if I want to stay longer than 90 days I have to look into getting a partner visa or a longer visiter visa. Two decisions have been made. One, I am going to Australia in the spring and two, I am staying for at least four weeks.

I have a little time to make this decicion as I don't qualify for the partner visa till June, but I have to have my trip plans ready and set by August that means flight, and visa or no visa all in order. Along with setting up how my Etsy will run while I'm in the outback.

Oh and breakfast was awesome!

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