Monday, November 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Simon and i are back in Philly. We returned after a long drive last night and unlike him I am still off for a few more days. This means I am doing what I love the most, eating brunch with one of my best friends and knitting as well as test dying. That was also something very exciting, when we returned my yarn I had ordered was waiting for me on our door mat.

Visiting home was nice, my Aunt Colleen came over for thanksgiving from long island with her husband Eric. It was good to see them. My mom, Aunt and step grandmother took me wedding dress shopping while I was home. I wasn't expecting to find anything but just to have fun trying on tons of pretty dresses all way over my price limit. But it happened I found the dress, It's beautiful and not overly expensive. (It was even on sale which we didn't know till we went up to order it.)

I know Simon snoops so I can't post a pic nor can I really describe it. It is nothing like what I thought I would wear, but it is beautiful.

Well that is all for today, I must go and turn on the dye pot to start some experimenting.

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