Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm back!

I really didn't go anywhere, I just needed a break from the blog and the fan page, but here i am back and ready to blog!

I have finally finished both of the sweaters I started. The one from knitscene and the green one I started to design. I am currently wearing it right now. It was finished just a few minuets ago while i was watching Chocolat. Now to celebrate my new sweater I will wear it out into the city. I will post pics as soon as i can, which will most likely be Sunday.

Last week was a slow week for me, as i had my usual shifts at the day job and regular hours babysitting. Maybe it was the rain but i was just not feeling the social networking nor did I want to share my slow week here on the blog. As of this week though I have worked an overhire shift at a philly theatre and am watching the boys late three nights this week and will hopefully be releaseing a new pattern in my etsy shop on Monday. I also made pumpkin muffins.

What's in the works now, finalizing my sweater pattern, and maybe a fingerless mitt pattern or two in the wings. On top of those I also have to start getting ready to go to Australia in Feburary like...I don't know...buying my plane ticket. Oh and Simon and I haven't even done anything remotly similar to wedding planning other than we are having one most likely next fall.

So that is where I am as of today, I think I'll start by wearing my new freshly knit sweater and going for a walk.

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