Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blue Mountains Part III

On our last day in the Blue Mountains we went fishing for Yabbies which are large crayfish, or small lobsters, whichever you prefer. Simon has told me about this past time many a time. It involves a stream with good yabbie hidding spots (like rocks and tree roots) a stick with some string on it and a piece of meat tied to the end of the string. (It reminded me of trying to fish for sunfish in the lake with cheese doodles.) Although I will admit i never was sure home much of what Simon told me was actually true or how well this methode would work.

It works damn well.

I caught the little guy in the photo above with just a stick, some string and a raw chicken wing. He did give me a good little nip on my finger for holding hime to close to his nippers. The photo was taken after said nip and Simon couldn't believe I was willing to still hold it after it had already latched down on my finger. Hookie said I had balls.

On our way home from Yabbie fishing we say this wild peacock hanging out on the side of the road. He could see his reflexion in the car and came up really close to us.
All in all a wonderfull weekend in the Blue Mountains. I did tell Simon if he had more friends like Laura and Hookie I would highly consider moving to Oz.

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