Thursday, April 1, 2010

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie NSW

Simon's mom took me to the Koala Hospital in Post Macquarie. This was a great tour and a great orginization. Here are just three of the eight Koalas that were at the hospital when we went. Above is Golfer and old gentalman koala. He is a permanet resident at the hospital and you can see him getting his suppliment for the day. There are three other permanet residents at the koala Hospital. They are Kayle who is an ampute and had her leg removed, but she can still climb well with only three limbs, and on the day we went she was high up in the tree in her pen. Then there is Birthday Girl who is Oz's oldest Koala, she is around 23 years old. And finally there is Barry who has scoliosis but that doesn't stop him casing after the ladies.

Sleepy Koala

This is baby Noah the only Joey at the hospital. He had just started to climb on his own in the past week or so.

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