Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm back!

That's right I'm back! I really haven't been anywhere, but in a funk. Kinda like the most recent Glee episode. Any who this week has been uplifting in may ways. Simon's visa case has been sent to the Sydney Consulate (yay!), I went to the shore (although there were no waves to surf it was great hanging out with friends), I sold some of my hand dyed yarn (it's going all the way to Taiwan), and I start a new job on Monday. Wow, crazy all in one week.

Along with this I have been sewing again, just for myself and I have finished two dresses. One is a yellow seersucker sundress that i started last summer around this time and just finished it. It only needed a hem and a zipper set in, and now i can call it complete. I also modified and finished a sundress I started before I left for Oz. It was the Mary dress from burda style and it looked ghastly on me. Too much gathered fabric, it made me look like I was 5 months preggers. I will have pics up as soon as i can get one of my friends over here to help take some photos.

Even with all this sewing, I have still been in a knitting funk. I haven't heard anything from Knitty for the pattern I submitted, I am assuming that I didn't make the cut. I'm fine with that I would just like to know so that I can post the pattern on my etsy, cause I think it's a goodin'. Aside from that it's been hot, too hot, in my tiny second floor apartment, so knitting has not been my number 1 priority. Although I'm itching to knit, I just don't know what i want to knit. I was looking around the knitting world and saw some lovely things I want, but I either hated the set in sleeves or really don't want to knit with any wool or wool blends even though they are my fav. I was looking at an old issue of Lucky that is lying around my apartment and there was a nautical themed photo spread and there was my inspiration all beautifully laid out in reds, blues and whites and on a yacht no less. So with that said I am off to dig in my stash for what little cotton, bamboo, and rayon I own and start swatching.

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