Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Tide Pool

Simon took me to the beach a few weeks aga, Balck Head Beach to be exact, and we went exploring on the rocks just around the head land. There were tons for tidal pools made in the rocks with lost of life teaming in these and I saw live starfish, giant sea snail as big as my fist and sea urchins.

I even got a little too close to the sea life when I fell into the tide pool while trying to get a picture of two live starfish under a rock ledge. I got soaked, but I saved my camera and got a pretty good shot of said starfish.

Said starfish in one of the many tide pools on Blackhead Beach. This is the shot I got right before I fell into the tide pool and had to walk around for the next hour with a wet bum.

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demandablog said...

Wow, how pretty! That looks like a fun adventure. :)