Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Surfing

That's right I'm off surfing today.  Simon and I both have today off so we took advantage of the warm weather and the fact that the beaches will be less crowded to go catch a few waves.

I have mixed feelings about fall surfing.  Right now I'm totally fine with surfing the water is still warm and the air temp hasn't dropped too much.  But in a few brief weeks the water temp will cool and so will the air temp.  The water will be warm than the air and getting out of the surf will be difficult.  The waves however will be getting better and better.  The winter is peak season, but we don't own winter wet suits (which I've read have a lining of merino wool in the).  So as soon as the water temp gets down below 54 F, and I can't get warm when I get out of the water I hang my surf board up on the wall till Spring.  Does this mean I'm less core than other surfers? Probably.  Does it concern me? Not really.  I surf because I enjoy it and I have a sneaking suspicion that I would not enjoy winter surfing up here on the Jersey Shore.

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