Friday, September 7, 2012

Stitch Guide: Feather and Fan III

In our last installment of the feather and fan stitch we added a purl ridge to our stitch pattern.  Today we are going to add a purl ridge every 7th row.  This breaks up the pattern into an eight row repeat instead of a four row repeat, and gives the stitch pattern a whole new look.  Lets take a look at version II and Version III next to each other.
Version II on left, version III on right.
Spacing the purl ridge out over 8 rows instead of 4 gives the pattern a whole new look and feel.  There are more rows of stockinette between the purl ridge which makes the ripples look wider.  It also makes the swatch look longer because there is more space between each purl ridge.  The fabric created also has more drape than in version II which is constricted by the purl rows and has less stockinette.  

Now on to the stitch pattern.  Remember feather and fan is worked over a multiple of 18 stitches. 

Worked Flat
R1: *(K2tog) 3x, (YO, K1) 6x, (K2tog) 3x*
R2: Purl All Stitches
R3: Knit All Stitches
R4: Purl All Stitches
R5: Repeat Row 1
R6-R8: Purl All stitches

Worked in the Round
R1: *(K2tog) 3x, (YO, K1) 6x, (K2tog) 3x*
R2: Knit All Stitches
R3: Knit All Stitches
R4: Knit All Stitches
R5: Knit Row 1
R6: Knit all Stitches
R7: Purl all Stitches
R8: Knit all Stitches

Feather and Fan, Feather and Fan II, Feather and Fan III

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