Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No Longer the Intern

320 masonite floor tiles. 
Remember when I was all stoked to be the Production Intern at Theatre Exile?  You remember I posted about my life as an intern.  I know it was mentioned in a recent post, but I am no longer the intern, but was hired to be the Assistant Production Manager for Theatre Exile's up coming production of The North Plan.  This week is load in week which means I have been and will be busy busy busy building a set, painting a set, focusing some lights and all anything else that Paul (he's the Production Manager) needs me to do.

One of the big projects for this show that I helped with was making a tiled floor.  Because of time and budget we couldn't get real tile for the stage and instead made our own tiles out of painted Masonite   Our painter Sherri painted the sheets of maso and then I cut them down into 1'x1' squares.  Sadly I kept track and after 3 hours off ripping and chopping I had 320 square tiles and a ton of maso dust.  Note to anyone who is going to cut maso, it makes a huge mess.

I was also in charge of installing the floor, so I feel I am an expert on laying maso floor tiles down.  This project has also solidified my love for the narrow crown stapler.  Next up on the load in schedule walls.

Did I mention that there are cages in this show?  

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