Monday, August 20, 2012

Life as an Intern: Theatre Exile & The Edge of Our Bodies

In my plan to get back to what I love I took a position as an intern at Theatre Exile.  What I find exciting about working for Exile is that it is a small company that packs a punch.  The show they are producing for the Philly Fringe is and interesting piece written by Adam Rapp titled The Edge of Our Bodies.  I'm not going to try and describe the show or tell you about its significance to society or how if you are in Philly you should see it.  (You should see it if you are in Philly though.)  I will tell you that it deals with some sticky issues.  If you want to read more about the show you can check it out on Exile's Website.  

My involvement in this production is as the production intern.  What does that mean?  Well I'm the one who is working with the production manager to get the theater space ready for the show.  That entails loading in set pieces and hanging lights, building a booth and audience seating, helping Mel the SM tape out the set for rehearsals and all that jazz.  I also attend production meetings and other bits here and there.

Getting my hands dirty and working with new people has been a great change of pace; I am psyched to get back to something I love so much and haven't done in awhile.  I haven't been this busy, this happy and this sleepy at night in a long time.  Piecing my schedule together has been a bit crazy, but I love where I am right now, and I can handle biking all over Philly and staying up late to build audience seating.  I am so glad to be back doing what I love for an amazing company.

P.S.  With all the heavy lifting my arms and shoulders are starting to look jacked and I am perfectly happy with this result of hard work.

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