Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Adventures: The Finger Lakes

Simon and I spent last week up at my parents place.  The ride up to New York was rainy, but the week was great and was just what the Hubs needed to recharge and prepare for his students to return to lessons. 

No Trip to the Finger Lakes is complete with out a trip to the falls and a walk up the Glen Trail in Watkins Glen.  It's one of our favorite places to visit while we are up seeing my parents. 

We have so many pictures of us at the Glen, one more couldn't hurt. 

After walking up the glen we turn around and walk back down the total trip is 3 miles and it is a beautiful hike up and back.  On the way down Simon and I play Pooh Sticks in the rapids.  Simon was the undefeated champion this year.  I was hopeful when our sticks got stuck together, but Simon still won. 

My Dad took a few days off from work to hang out with us.  On Thursday we went to the Corning Museum of Glass.  I've been there before, but it was Simon's first time.  They have changed the museum a bit since the last time I had been there, but it only made it better.  

This piece is all hand beaded with glass beads! 

You can't go to the glass museum with out seeing a glass blowing demo. 

This was my favorite piece in the contemporary gallery.  

After the Museum we went to Watkins Glen for lunch at the Wildflower Cafe.  Mom and I did a beer tasting there for a brewery called Rooster Fish.  (If you are ever in Watkins Glen NY the Wildflower Cafe is a must the food is amazing!)

My Parents. 

Our Rooster Fish Beers.

The next day we went wine tasting on Keuka Lake.  Our first stop was the winery my mom works at, Rooster Hill Vinyards.  They were bottling and mom and Barry let us take a look at the process. 

Vats full of delicious Rooster Hill wine. 

We also had a beer tasting at the Finger Lakes Beer Co.  They had some yummy brews, and even root beer. 

Hops drying in the sun. 

This is the entrance to what may be my new favorite Keuka Lake Winery, Keuka Lake Vineyards

We did a wine and chocolate tasting that was amazing!  They have some great whites and a Lomor Merlot Reserve that is to die for. 

Bottles lined up waiting to be purchased. 

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