Friday, August 31, 2012

30 Before 30: August 2012 Update & Look Ahead

August is drawing to a close, which means that summer is coming to it's last days.  I haven't progress very much on my 30 before 30, but I'm still plugging away.  I am still trying to learn to duck dive, but soon that will have to wait till we travel to Oz.  There is a huge possibility that I will have health insurance soon.  Our apartment is becoming less and less cluttered at we purge the things we don't needs and find better solutions to storing what we do have.  I have been canning all summer and plan on continuing into the fall with tomatoes, peach butter, and apple butter.  My summer adventures will draw to a close with one last bang, a Bruce Springsteen concert in Philly.  

What I find truly exciting isn't accomplishing my list or even my first summer in Philly; tt is my return to working in theatre.  Has is been easy, no.  Has it been busy, yes.  Is it what I've been missing, yes.  In looking to the fall I expect to be busy, I expect to have long days, but I expect to be in my element and happy about those long hours.  This fall will be my trial by fire, a test I intend to pass.  It only took six years out of college for me to realize that I had made the right decision at 18 picking Theatre Arts as my major.  This is where I should be, and I expect there to be even more, even better things to come.  

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