Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Adventures: Summer Storms

I love a good rainy day, but a thunderstorm is even better.  There have been some amazing storms this summer and I really enjoy watching them and taking pictured of the clouds.

This storm rolled in while Simon and I were biking to our softball game. 

Lets just say our game was cancelled. 

And we turned back just in time.  Thankfully we did not get caught in the down pour.  We did sit on our stoop and watch the storm roll over Philly.  

This storm rolled in over Ocean City while we were surfing on Monday.  It was sprinkling while we were surfing, but then when the storm started to make it's way over the shore point the life guards called everyone out of the water and shut the beach down.  

Our day at the beach was cut short and we were stuck on the board walk for a bit.  When there was a break in the storm we made a dash for the car and got there right when the sky opened up again.  

It was really beautiful to watch while we waited the first part of the storm out. 

On our way out of Ocean City we had some flood waters to contend with. 

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