Monday, November 3, 2008

Recycled Sari Scarf

I finished another item for my etsy shop. This one is different to what I've listed before, and is a scarf knit from recycled sari silk yarn from Nepal. It came out beautiful and I have more pictures of it at Blue Betty.

Here's one that's not up in the shop.

I love this yarn it a fair trade yarn that's handspun by a womans co-op in Nepal. The proceeds from this yarn is used to send their children to school. It's also good for the enviroment because the fibers come from the salvage from the sari manufacturers in India. These fibers use to get thrown out before, but now they are made in to a beautiful yarn.

If your in the Philly area Nangellini on South St carries this yarn, or you can order it and learn more at The same woman's co-op also spins Banana Silk which is a rayon made from the leaves of the banana tree.

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