Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I've been workig extra hours at the shop as well as more hours as a nanny. Lately I feel like I've been running, but the extra cash is nice. The extra money is going toward Christmas presents. I'm making a few, but I'm going to try to purchase most of my presents on Etsy, or at least atempt to make most of my purchases hand made.

I happen to mention this to Simon and he was a little dis heartened. First, he is worried that whatever I purchase for him will look silly, or like somthing nanna made out of yellow acrylic yarn. (sorry nanna, I loved my afgan). Secondly, he cringed when I mentioned I wanted him to purchase hand made items for me. I don't quite understand this as he hate going to the mall. I'm going to chalk this all up to the fact that it's new or different. I'm going to win him over to the handmade side.

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