Friday, December 26, 2008

December's Aftermath

I'm so tired. I felt like I ran a marathon yesterday.
Today I slept in and I did get to go to the yarn shop in the town over from mine. I bought some more teal silk and some yellow and orange wool for a scarf. I've been trying to break out of my blue green circle, but I love that color family so much. I though a bright rock melon orange would look nice and go with most of my teal items in my closet.

I'd love to post some pics of my new yarn or even a gift or two that I got, but sadly that will have to wait till I am back in my apartment in the city of brotherly love. I also got two proto-types finished for Blue Betty's spring line. It's a lace mesh scarf knit up in banana silk, and I ordered samples of the bamboo I want to use in the colors I'm interested in. Over all I felt that I've been decently productive this month, but I need to get my butt in gear. I want all my proto-types done in January. Time to get my butt in gear.

Not to spread myself too thin I also got a lighting design gig for a production of one acts in Febuary. I figured that the small chunk of change that i make doing that i can split between my savings and Blue Betty and order supplise for the spring line.

Tomorrow Simon and I are on the road to Philly. I'm working all week Sunday to Sunday, at least my pay check will look nice this week.

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