Monday, December 15, 2008

To Early

This is too early for me to be up, and it's not even for something fun. I'm not sure what would be fun and require you to get up at 8am, but I'm sure there is someything I could be doing that is more fun that being up and getting ready for work. I've had two late evenings in a row and two early mornings imediatly following, not fun.

Today is an odd day for me as i have overhire work at a local theatre in Philly and must be there by 9am. My usual day jobs don't neeed me to roll out of my bed till at least 10am, sometimes later although i feel very sloth like if i sleep later than 11am. I love working at the theatre, but it sometimes interfers with my sleeping and knitting, two things that are vey important to me.

Tonight is the knitting circle's holiday party. It's going to be ons of fun. We are all going out to La Fourno on South st. (super yummy Italian food) then we play the white elephant game, or cut throat pollyanna as some know it. I've made a lovly pair of fingerless mitts. I hope I get Yarn!

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