Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Cheer

I would love to post about my Christmas presents here, but my family know how to get to my blog, But here are a bunch of indiscriminate bags that contain said gifts. I still need to wrap, but i have a few more things to get. That's my surfboard in the back, it has become our impromptu tree in a sense. I miss surfing, the water is way to cold right now, even with my wet suit. I will just have to wait till May.

Below are a pair of fingerless mitts I'm knitting for my boss at the shop. We had a holiday party, but she didn't really get anything, so these are for her. I've also made about a ton of fudge for all my friends and employers. I have three containers full.

I'm in town for two more days then it's off to PY, NY to see the family. I hope they have a lot of snow and that my mom has made cyclops cookies. They're on of my favorites, peanut butter cookies with a giant hersey kiss in the center!

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