Thursday, January 13, 2011


Happenings, not much as of right this instance, just ate some toast with Vegemite on it. Simon bought the good bread from Whole Foods so I need to eat some before he eats it all. As of things going on in the knitting world I have two projects one is almost done and will be typed up and shipped out some time next week. The second will take a bit longer it being a top that will need multiple sizes and maybe a second test knit of the pattern.

Also brain storming as to a free pattern or knitting recipe on this here blog. I have a few ideas, but need to refine them and make a decision. Its between a hat, cowl, or shrug. I'm leaning more between the hat and cowl as I don't seem to wear any of the shrugs I make and I do like to wear what I design.

So I am off to knit away, now that I've eaten my toast.

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