Monday, January 17, 2011

Staying Warm

Today Philly is a slushy mess. I must venture out into said mess to run errands, mostly we need groceries. Thank goodness that the market is just a few blocks away and that once I am done I can retreat into my warm cozy apartment and knit away.

It is however a good day for baking bread and making stew, which is what I might just do this afternoon. I've been fermenting a sour dough started in the kitchen and I think it is about ready. Simon will be glad to see it gone from the counter.

Its a good day for tea, P&P, and knitting. My cowl pattern is practically finished, just need to do the finishing work, and I've started a design or recipe that will be posted on this blog sometime next week.

Now I am off to brave the wet, cold, weather.

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