Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I must say my new year has started off very busy. First off I got a spinning wheel for Christmas. It is beautiful its from a company called Heavenly Handspinning. They have an etsy shop too and sell a bunch of different hand spinning supplies. Simon gave me the Bellus which is a double treadle wheel. I absolutely love it!

As for the new year I have a new consignment offer at a place up in North Philly. I also am starting a new design that is going to be published in Creative Knitting. More to come on that front once I have more to tell. I am also going to start a design a day notebook. I know most of the stuff won't be up to standard for a design, but I'm hoping it sharpens my design skills, and maybe improve my drawing skills too.

Here are my knitting resolutions:
1. Start drawing more (design a day notebook)
2. Swatch more (Maybe I'll start doing a swatch a week, although this seems a bit too ambitious, but it might be a good goal to have.)
3. Submit, Submit, Submit (designs that is)
4. Spin more hand spun (on my fancy new wheel)

Those are mostly fun new years resolutions. Now for the non knitting list.
1. Be more active.
2. Go to the market more
3. Organize our living space.

Now with that said I am off to draw a bit and then off to dig through my stash for something yummy to knit (I should really take an inventory, I guess that falls under organize living space.)

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