Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sewing the Steffi Jacket: The lining

I finished sewing the lining.  Here is my progress. 

And here is the finished lining with sleeves and all!

First, I am a pro at setting in those sleeves.  After doing something 4 times one should improve.  The silk was so floaty and slippery it made me crazy trying to sew it.  I finally gave in and went pin crazy, it was the only way this fabric would behave. 

There is a week before Simon and I go up to my parents for Thanksgiving, can I finish this jacket?  I'm going to take a small bite out of it everyday.  Here is the plan of attack.  To day I am going to hem the sleeves first on the lining and then on the jacket.  Tomorrow will be hand basting (crazy right) the lining to the jacket.  Then on Friday the facing will get attached.  Now here is where I'm torn.  I think I'm going to use some bias binging to finish the edge of the facing so that the edge isn't bulky and it is easier to sew it down to the lining.  If this is what I decide I will be doing that also on Friday.  On Monday (I take the weekends off if possible) I will hem the sleeves and tack the facing down to the lining.  Finally on Tuesday I will sew the button holes.  This is the part I am super nervous about.  Good thing I have that muslin to practice on.  Leaving me Wednesday to sew the buttons on to the Jacket.  Oh, and somewhere in there a trip to the fabric store is required to buy the buttons, and finishing a sweater.  Wish me luck!

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