Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sewing the Steffi Jacket: Making Head Way

So, I got over myself and started sewing the jacket together.  I'm almost done with the actual jacket part and am hoping to start on the lining by the end of the week.  Above you can see one of the sleeves.  I figured out why the one sleeve on my muslin was all cockeyed.  I didn't line up the sleeve seams in the right way therefore the sleeve wasn't set into the jacket correctly.  Well that is why I sewed a muslin first.  I've made good markings on my sleeves and body of the jacket so that won't happen again. 

Here's the body all sewn up and ready to go, Now I just have to sew the collar to the body and the facing, and set in the sleeves.  This is where my fear started to come up again.  My big question was how do I put the lining in? My question was answered by Gertie on her blog.   She made a coat in 2010 and video blogged about it every step of the way.  It gives great information on tailoring and the vlog about inserting the lining calmed my fears and made me realized that my first instinct to make both the jacket and the lining separately was correct.  The coat vlog laid out how to attach it and hem it and all the important things I needed to know.  I feel confident moving ahead in my Steffi sewing.  I think I will make my deadline too.  How exciting. 

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