Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I am Sewing/Knitting

Now that my Steffi Jacket is finished I find myself wondering what's next.  Well I figured that one out, a few sewing projects that only take a couple of hours to complete.  I started this week with a trip to the fabric store and I got some great stuff. 

One of the first things I sewed was a simple gathered skirt out of this forest green silk cotton I had left over from another project.  I used Gertie's Gathered Skirt Tutorial Part I and Part II, and it came out great.  I will post pictures when I finally hem the thing (on today's to do list).

T-shirt Mini Dress
 Next I moved on to DixieDIY T-Shirt Mini Dress.  I bought some great slate colored cotton blend jersey at the fabric store for $1.98 a yard and I made this in about two hours from cutting to hemming.  It looks a bit blah on the hanger, but with leggings, a belt, my new black boots and my leather jacket it will be rock 'n roll chic.

I plan on making another one today with a coral colored cotton jersey that has been in my stash for months.  That's today's sewing goal (along with hemming the gathered skirt).

Tomorrow I plan on making myself this:

The Marie Skirt
 But with this Fabric:

I'm feeling a bit of a rock 'n roll vibe this week.  My weekend might be a me made one.  The last few project I've done have been classic and timeless and I guess I'm feeling like I need to have a few pieces that are a bit more edgy. 

Before I leave I also want to show you the cardigan I just finished knitting.  Fresh of the blocking board!

Not the best shot, but I plan on having the Hubs help me take some good photos next week.

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