Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello! my name is Erin and I blog over at ekatearcher {everything from knitting to water colors}

Today I am going to go through step by step how to knit a professional & double warm brim.

1. You don't need anything special for this brim, just yarn & suitable sized 16" circular needle. (Here I'm using caron simply soft & size 7 US neelde)

2. Cast on however much you normally use for hats.  (For example, I casted on 80)

3. Begin knitting ribbing...(I'm using 2x2 ribbing, but you could easily use 1x1, 2x3, ets.)

4. ...Until your brim is twice as long as you want it to be. (For example if you want your brim to be 1.5" tall knit for 3".)

5. Here's the tricky part; fold up your ribbing so that the wrong sides are touching. (Make sure you match up the ribs!)

6. Insert your right hand needle into the first stitch on the left hand needle.  (Don't pull through.)  Then insert the right hand needle into the folded up part of the brim.

7. Yarn over & pull through as normal.  Then repeat for the stitch on the needle.

8. See how pretty the edge is.

9. Continue all the way around.

I love to use this brim for all sorts of hats, it looks pretty & polished!

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