Monday, May 7, 2012

Me Made May '12: Day 2 - Day 6

Blogger and I have mended our friendship for now so in celebration here is my first official Me Made May '12 outfit post.  By the way May has so far been chilly and cloudy.  I am so glad that I made that infuriating sweater.
Day 2
 Denim cut offs
Teal striped polo refashion
Black and white sweater
Blue shiny tights (not me made)
I said I was going to rock it out like Blossom. 

Day 3
Saucy Librarian Top
Wide Leg Trouser Jeans

Day 4
Denim Cut Offs 
Purple dolman top
Sherbet Striped scarf 
I slouched around the house most of the day, knitting, sewing, trying to play nice with blogger. 

Day 4.5
I learned a new way to put my ridiculously long hair up in a type of bun.  It actually stayed up all day with only 1 hair band and three bobbie pins.  

Day 5 (Best day of the week)
Green Stripe Dolman Top
Purple Shorts
Simon snapped this pic of me right after seeing my favorite band of all time, Eve 6, for free!  It really was the best day ever.  I really wished they had played longer.  

Day 6
Green Wide Leg Drawstring pants
Black and White striped sweater
Purple tank top (You can't see it, but I had it on)
Noro hand knit striped scarf 
I mostly did errands on Sunday.  It was the First day of the Head House Farmers Market, which is now my favorite place to buy things.  I made friends with a sheep farmer, a produce farmer, and a baker.  I can't wait till next Sunday when I get to go again.

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