Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Long Weekend

I know I shared my Me Made May photos from the weekend, but I thought I'd show everyone what I was up to this weekend.  One of the highlights of the long weekend, was that my weekend was an extra day longer.  This was the perfect opportunity to go surfing down in Ocean City NJ.  The water was warmer than expected and the waves were nicer than the surf report said, and the beach and board walk weren't crowded at all.

It was so hazy at the shore that you couldn't see the horizon, or the fishermen on the end of the rock piers.

I took this shot as we were packing up to head into town for a bit.  The hazy was so eerie in the middle of a sunny day.  I could have taken pictures like this all afternoon.

The rest of the weekend was spent canoeing down the Delaware River with a group of my friends from Philly and NYC.

Here are I am with my tent mates after successfully pitching my new tent.  Simon picked it out (sadly he had to work and couldn't come camping) he made sure it had a good rain fly on it.  I must admit I'm glad he took the time to find a tent with a good rain fly.  The second night on the river we got a huge thunder storm around 9:30 and night, but we stayed dry as a bone in our super rain fly tent.

We also saw lots of diverse river wild like.  My friend mike found a millipede at the first campsite, and there was a muskrat swimming around the island we camped on.  At the second campsite we found two black snakes and on our way down the river the last day we encountered a water snake and some box turtles.  

It wouldn't  be camping without a camp fire and s'mores.  Even if it did take us the best part of two hours ot get the campfire going. 

It also wouldn't have been the Third Annual Delaware Camping Trip with out the Third Annual Delaware boat race. 

Here are the top four boats (mine sunk, better luck next year).  The first place boat was the blue catamaran,  second place was the destroyer, third place was the cardboard master piece made by Jason, and the fourth place boat was the NYC gangs boat. 

It was a great weekend, but I was glad to be home to my shower, bed and the hubs.  

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