Friday, October 10, 2008

Here I am

Here I am!

OK so i'm living in Philly and working in the theatre industry and no I am not an actor. I'm a Stage electrician. As of right now i'm working on a show in Old City as a spot light operator and let me just say that it is cutting in to my knitting time. That's right i'm a knitter and crocheter. When I'm not at the theatre you can find me in a yarn store or my favorite coffee shop.

Even though it's philly and the Jersey shore is about an hour away I love to surf. I know it's only the Jersey Shore, but it was a good place to learn. Smallish waves, althought it tends to be crowded durring he summer. The waves get bigger and cleaner in the fall as the crowds get smaller and the water gets colder.That's another thing working cuts into surfing. It's October, I know, but i just bought my first wet suit and was ready for the fall, but then I went and got hired on a show that runs from September 3 to October 19th. My partner in crime is still keen on going as soon I get a rare day off.

Oh, my Partner in Crime is my boyfriend Simon. He's the real surfer in this relationship. He was born and raised in NSW Australia and has been surfing for about twenty years. Why he would move to Jersey is beyond me. I hope it's because he thinks I'm cute.

More to come as I find time to tell you more about me and who I am.
Here's Simon surfing a smallish wave at Ocean City.
And yes that is me surfing in my profile pic.

more to come

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