Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why i'm a bad blogger

I admit i'm a bad blogger, or at least for right now. I know everyone has excusses, but here are mine for now, after Oct. 23 i will have no more excusses.

1. I'm working 60 hours a week. Between 40 at the theatre, 12 at the shop, and 6 watching two rowdy boys it adds up to not a lot of me time.

2. Simon and i moved and i've been lazy about getting internet in our new apt. Today i spent 45 min on the phone getting set up with my new internet provider, so after the 23 i can't use this excuss any more.

3. I like sleeping in.

4. Going to the Coffee shop everyday is expensive and a little wierd.

So there are my excusses. I can't wait to have internet in my new place, I'll be able to blog and run my etsy store way better than i am now. Of Course not working at the theatre will also give me more me time.

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