Friday, October 17, 2008


My time at the theatre is winding down as there is only four more shows to go. I'm glad to get more time to work on my etsy shop and make fun things, but I will miss the theater. It's not a huge pay check, but it's nice to get one every week.

I have a day job to go back to, and the funny thing is I like this day job a lot. It pays alright, and I make more than enough there to cover my rent and utilities. But I really want to work on my own terms. I thought by being a lighting designer I would be able to do that, but the more and more I sit in tech rehearsals and watch and listen to directors and designers the more I learn that the designer isn't as free as I want to be.

I hope by opening my etsy store I can have a say in what I create, but I want to make everything! I guess I really need to pick one thing to start with and then move on to include other things.

6 More days to internet in the Apartment.

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