Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back From the Long Weekend

Sorry I haven't been around. I worked most of the weekend, and had my usual Monday off. This Monday though was a very special Monday. Yes it was Memorial Day, but it was also the day of my first surf of the summer season! And boy was it a good surf. The water was a warm 58F (thank goodness for my brand new wet suit) and while the waves were only about a yard they pack some punch and I caught some great waves. I was also teaching my friend Luke to surf and he did well, and almost had it but our board was a little too short for him it being 7'2".

Sadly I have not made my duct tape dress form, but do not fear I hope that sometime this week it will matrialize.

So now I must be of to work so I leave you with a link to another treasury that I'm featured it! Check it out.

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Expressions By Devin said...

Super cute bag Congrats On being Featured!!!