Thursday, May 28, 2009

Being an Adult

I have lots of things to get done, or start, or finishes. I'm in between a lot of things right now and my summer is just about ready to start, so all I can think about or want to do is stuff that involves camp.

That's right this chick works at a camp in the summer with kids, but not just any camp an arts camp. I'm the head of Technical Theatre, and love doing what I do. I leave for camp in exactly 3 weeks and I have a ton of things to prepare and a ton of things to finish before I move to Jersey for 9 weeks. (That's also right I will be spending my summer in the swampland of South Jersey.)

First off I must sew, sew, sew some of it is things for myself I have in the workings, but most of it is tote bags that I've planed to make for my etsy shop. I also must finish one of my three knitting projects that are hanging about the living room. It would be ideal to finish two, but that might be asking a lot of myself right now.

Then there is all the real world stuff that isn't fun at all. Student loans, rent, credit card payments. Poo on all of that. So today I am going to be half a responsible adult and laze around the other half. Maybe go knit in public just to get myself up of our couch and seated on a couch in a cozy hip coffee shop. Of course this will be after I call about my loan and after I sew something. See I'm being an adult!

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