Friday, May 22, 2009

Weird Week

I must say that this week has been a bit odd. I have been working, but I have what feels like a lot of down time, that I have no been productive with. I haven't sewn one thing this week and I have today off and all of next week off from babysitting. This is in part from designing "Footloose", which is what I'm going to blame this weirdness on.

Today will be crazy as I have a ton of stuff I want to get done, as well as actually sew something new. I have to do the usual things like pick up groceries so our cupboards aren't bare. I also need to start getting my camp stuff together. I need to email my staff and finish the equiptment list for Cori as well as map out the new cirriculum for the summer. Sometime today I must get to a hardwear store as I need duct tape so I can finally make myself a ghetto dress form. (I attempted to make a dress from only my measurements and no pattern and the results were dissastorous.) On top of all of this I must start cleaning and sorting through my winter and summer clothes and figure out what to donate what to keep and what to put in storage. I have to start packing for camp in about two weeks time.

After all of this is done I can then maybe sit down and sew something. Simon is working today, but might be done around lunch. I'm hoping he is done at lunch time so he can assist in the days errends. As well as cutting my out of a duct tape cocoon. By the way here is the link to what I'm talking about. Duct Tape Dress Form

Well I'm off to start my jam packed day! (hopfully there will be silly pics of me stuck in tape!)

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