Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekly Plans

I have been super busy these past three days. Well Saturday and Sunday were spent working and Monday was kind of a day off. I went to brunch with Antea and then we went pattern and fabric shopping. I bought some great sersucker to make a dress with, and I also bought some sale fabric to sew more linings with. I'll take some pics when I have more time. Then when we got back from Jersey I had to go to work in Old City, a light focus which took half the time we were alloted for it and we had 6 people at the call a bit over kill, but I still get paid.

It looks like I will be designing a show this month. I'm excited, but a little worried as I have no idea what is going on and they want to tech on the 16th. I will have to work fast on this one, but it should be a fun show to do. Who doesn't love Footlose.

The weather has been crappy all weekend and looks like it will be that way all week. I really need to get out and take some photos of my new stuff. I can whip out this new bag design in about an hour or two it's pretty awesome. I plan to be sewing more this week. Tomorrow looks goo for sewing and it's not suppose to rain till later, so maybe a photo or two.

My goals for my etsy shop this week are:
*to sew at least one more bag
*take photos
*list at least one new item

All while working my day job, designing a musical, and starting a major spring clean in the apartment.

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wunderbug said...

i always find that taking photos is the hardest thing, cause i take them with natural daylight and there's so little of it to start with! :)