Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekly Plans

I have work today and then more work and then I get to go home and relax with Simon. I'm at the day job first and then I'm suppose to go and see a rehearsal of Footloose till 9:30. Either way after today I have three blissful days of only babysitting in the pm. So that means I will be sewing away. Righ now I have pieces for a dress scattered across our dinning room floor. It's cut from a men's dress shirt. I hop it comes out well as this is my first clothing project sans pattern.

I will also be sewing more bags of course and listing them soon. I had a good couple of days at the thrift store. Made some great t-shirt finds and found a vintage teal rain jacket for myself for only a dollar. It even has whales on the inner lining! Now I won't have to wear Simon's any more.

I do however have to work the weekend, but that's alright as on Monday we are spending the day on the beach. Hopefully it will also be my first surf of the year. Chilly, but still the first of the season.

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