Monday, September 12, 2011

Art of Hanging Two

I hope that all the buggies are out of my computer.  This week is a busy week for me and I can't have my computer catching things, but so far things are working well. 

We have been making improvements in our apartment this month and I am really excited about this one I just had to share.  The Hubs and I have been desscusing using vertical space in our apartment since its so small.  One of the things we need to address was our surf boards, and the lack of art on the walls. 

This is what we came up with.  Simon made some racks out of scrap wood to mount on the wall to display our surf boards instead os stacking them in the corner.  
Here's a straight on view of our wonderful surf boards.  I like that they are a part of our decor more so than just hanging about because we have no where to store them out of sight.  Mine is the yellow one.  Simon ruined me when I went to Australia and now all I want to do is ride short board, which is hard on the Jersey Shore.  The top one is a 7'2" and my little yellow one is 5'11",  This just makes me want to ditch work and go surfing.  
This week is full of fun and interesting things, a new hat pattern will be released on Friday in my Etsy Shop, and I will be starting a knitting stitch guide as a bi-weekly post here on the blog.  

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